Team JEG


Our team consists of 7 women who are working Mothers including Kirsty Wright, the Director of Jade Eggs Global, who started the business after the birth of her third child age 42 and who is a keen barefoot runner, a music composer who created the workout programme Jade Eggs For Beginners, our suppliers who make sure we get the best quality eggs to send out from various countries all over the world including Polar Nephrite from Canada, Xiuyan Jade from China, and Jadeite from Guatemala.

Our team  sit down and sow the feathers and gemstone decorations onto the pouches and help to wrap up the presentation boxes which are a choice we offer for our vegan friends, a local artisan Dakini Leathercraft who hand makes the leather pouches.  We are an attentive team who make a conscious effort to make sure you get the best quality service and most importantly customer service.

We are situated in a beautiful Grade 2 listed barn in the heart of the Chilterns in the UK and the room we work in is full of positive energy.