Sodalite Yoni Eggs – Set Of Three In Black Leather Weightlifting Pouch

Sodalite Set Of Three

A beautiful set of blue sodalite yoni eggs in soft hand crafted leather pouch which can be used as a weightlifting pouch with instructions.

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These stunning Sodalite eggs are really beautifully crafted and slightly heavier than regular jade eggs. They come as a set of three with drilled hole and are presented in a satin cloth, and then in a soft leather black pouch which is handcrafted by a local leathercraftswoman and decorated with a feather gemstone detail.

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All of our sets are gift wrapped and discreetly packaged with a label stating ‘3 stones’ on the customs label, and we also provide instructions on how to use them safely.

What are Jade Eggs? . Jade eggs aid kegel exercises by providing an object to push against and therefore improve internal toning. When we age the hammock muscles that pull up the pelvic floor and female vital organs can start to sag. Our eggs can also aid a jogger/runner/walker to remember to engage core muscles when exercising. Jade eggs warm to the body’s natural temperature (unlike plastic products on the market) and also stimulate Qi energy. Jade Eggs have been used for over 7,000 years by women in Asia and are now becoming popular in the west. 3 different sizes to suit your needs, the smaller the egg the harder the workout. Gem Stone quality polished Jade Eggs in 3 different sizes. Large: 11cm circumference, 6cm length Medium: 9.5cm circumference, 5cm length Small: 8.5cm circumference, 4cm length.