Nephrite, Black Obsidian, Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs – set of three with drilled holes and instructions

Hetian Jade, Black Ob, Rose Quartz Profile

Nephrite, Black Obsidian, Rose Quartz set with certification of authenticity.

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This stunning set of three yoni eggs come in a stylish velvet pouch with instructions on how to use them. The eggs are manufactured to industry recognised standards and are genuine Hetian Nephrite, Black Obsidian, and Rose Quartz. The eggs are all certified and have not been dyed using chemicals or artificial colour. Our company must warn that there are many fake jades on the market, our Hetian nephrite is 100% genuine certified nephrite jade, and our black obsidian and rose quartz are also genuine and certified. The sizes are as follows: Hetian Nephrite 50x40mm, Black Obsidian 50x30mm, Rose Quartz 40x30mm. The eggs have drilled holes and we also include nylon cord to help get you started. We do not recommend using dental floss for intimate weight lifting as it could snap easily. Nylon Cord is stronger and suitable for weightlifting. Jade eggs have been used for centuries as an aid for pelvic floor conditioning and intimate muscle tightening. Originally only used by queens and concubines. Now popular in the west the jade egg practise can help with many personal issues relating to bladder control, intimate tightening, and with regular training can also help reduce stress related issues with the endocrine system. Our company work closely with a professional trainer and we provide links to our unique video programs to help you understand how to train safely and correctly.



Hetian Rose Quartz Black Obsidian with certificates