Jadeite Set Of Two

jadeite set of 2 - apple green

Jadeite set of two in soft leather pouch for weightlifting

Product Price: £95.00

Product Description

This beautiful set of Guatemalan jadeite comes as a set of two sizes.

50x40mm and 40x30mm and comes presented in a soft leather pouch decorated with feathers and gemstones.  Our set also comes with a complimentary instruction audio download with a PDF.

In the western world the word ‘jade’ denotes two different stones – jadeite and nephrite.  Although both are accepted as genuine jade there are some major differences between the two.

Jadeite is rarer and higher in commercial value.  It’s incredible hardness allows it to take on a mirror like polish that lasts indefinately and is virtually impossible to scratch.  There are many varying colours in this stone and sometimes up to several shades can be seen in a single stone.

You will only find this special set on the link below and is harder to come by in the commercial world.