Jadeite Jade Set Of Three (With Drilled Holes) in Vegan Leather Pouch

Jadeite Jade Yoni Eggs.

At Jade Eggs Global we always listen to our customers, and due to popular request we now provide a Vegan Leather Weightlifting pouch option for our animal loving Vegans out there.  This set of apple green Guatemalan Jadeite comes as a set of three with a pouch, cleaning brush, non mentholated/unwaxed dental floss.


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Product Description

Jadeite Jade Yoni Eggs.

Jadeite Set










This set of 3 includes certified Jadeite Jade eggs in apple green, measuring at 50x40mm, 40x30mm and 30x20mm. In this set you will also receive a cleaning brush, non mentholated/waxed dental floss, a presentation box with a card that leads you to our complimentary audio download to help get you started on your journey to intimate muscle training. As you progress you will have a further option to advance your practise and we provide a link to our 2 hour video rental with leading expert in intimate muscle training Tatyana Kozhevnikova who came to the UK to film with us and show us some of her safe and easy to follow techniques.

Our Jadeite is sourced from Guatamala and is GIA certified, Jadeite is the highest quality authentic Jade you will find on the market. When purchasing your eggs you are also investing in a certified gemstone which over the years will rise in value. Guatemala is quickly becoming the leading source for Grade A jadeite. Just as its mountainous terrain can support agriculture of just about any type, Guatemala’s hotbed of tectonic activity has resulted in the formation of many varieties of jadeite.

For those who may know about Jade here is some more information:

These eggs are virtually impossible to break however we do not recommend testing them by dropping them off a rooftop onto a concrete ground.

At Jade Eggs Global we listen to our customers, and for a while now we have had many requests for a Vegan pouch. As a result of this request we have been researching Vegan leathers. We are delighted to announce that we will now be providing the Vegan Weightlifting pouches as an option for those who choose a Vegan lifestyle. We hope in time to transition to Vegan leather completely. This pouch is made from faux leather material and is copper coloured, the faux leather thong is also leather free. The pouch is tough and can be used to add weights so that you can do your intimate weightlifting which helps enhance the exercises.

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