Jade Eggs Set Of Three (Large Set) With Weightlifting Pouch and Instructions

Xiuyan Jade Large Set

Jade Eggs set of three (large set) with intimate weightlifting leather pouch and instructions.

Product Description

This beautiful set comes as a set of three in a stylish hand crafted soft leather pouch wrapped in silk cloth.   We recommend this for women over the age of 35 or who have had a natural childbirth, the eggs are 3 perfect sizes for intimate weightlifting and the pouch can be used to add additional weights to help enhance your workout programme by attaching it to the string with the egg inside.

What are Jade Eggs? Jade eggs aid kegel exercises have been used by women in asia for centuries and originally were only used by queens and concubines to help with their intimate muscle health. By providing an object to push against and therefore improve internal toning. The pouch doubles up as a weightlifting pouch where you can add additional weights and then attach it to your string for a more intense workout. We provide an online video tutorial with the worlds leading expert in intimate muscle training Tatyana Kozhevnikova from Russia and it has been translated into English. This set is ideal for women above the age of 35, or who have had a natural child birth as the eggs are slightly larger and therefore more suitable for muscle toning.

When we age the hammock muscles that pull up the pelvic floor and female vital organs can start to sag. Our eggs can aid a jogger/runner/walker to remember to engage core muscles when exercising. Jade eggs warm to the body’s natural temperature (unlike plastic products on the market) and also stimulate Qi energy . Jade Eggs have been used for over 7,000 years by women in Asia and are now becoming popular in the west. . 3 different sizes to suit your needs, the smaller the egg the harder the workout. Gem Stone quality polished Jade Eggs in 3 different sizes. Large: 50x40mm, Medium: 50x30mm, Small: 40x30mm. *Xiuyan jade (a type of nephrite) MgO 43.6%, Si02 43.6% H2O 13.1% (no harmful chemicals used during manufacturing)

The eggs all come gift wrapped in bubble wrap and a box for safe delivery. All items are sent with a tracking number.