Guasha Board (green Jade with soft leather presentation pouch)

green Xiuyan jade guasha board

1x xiuyan jade guasha board in a soft leather presentation pouch.

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Guasha which means to ‘scrape’ and ‘create redness’ is one of the external therapies of traditional Chinese medicine.  It’s definition is both broad and far reaching and detailed.  It is mainly used for disorders of ‘Sha symptoms’.  The broader use of the Guasha board includes scraping, twisting, pricking, and blood-letting and tendon relaxation, however it is mostly used in a scraping action to bring blood to the surface of the skin and relieve dis-ease and tension in the body.  In China they often use sesame oil first on the skin and then scrape various areas in the body in need of relief, one can also use coconut oil which is highly beneficial to the skin and non toxic.

This green Xiuyan jade board, comes in a beautiful soft *leather hand crafted presentation pouch for safe keeping, and is a larger size for use on the body.  It can be used on the face too, but we recommend the smaller sizes for facial massage.   You can use the board on the neck, chest, thighs, legs, stomach and back and it especially works well on hands and feet.  There are cheaper versions on the market made from buffalo horn ours are 100% gemstone quality.

*please note our leather is sourced in the UK and is made from lambs napper, we do not source our leather from outside the UK.  We can also provide a non leather pouch upon request.