green aventurine set of three with drill hole in soft leather presentation pouch

green aventurine set of three with pouch and box

green aventurine set of three with drill hole and soft leather presentation pouch in box.

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Product Description

Green Aventurine is a form of quartz, and quartz has a strong ability to amplify energy. The colour is a beautiful fresh mint green. The name Aventurine comes from its quality of “aventurescence”, which means the amount of reflective ability of the stone. The eggs are handcrafted using no harsh chemicals, are polished using only tumblestones, and are completely safe to use for intimate exercise. Our largest size is 50x40mm, medium 40×30 and the smallest 30x20mm. This set really is the ultimate set for any serious Kegel Egg practise user. Green Aventurine is a tough stone and very difficult to scratch or break. Metaphysically aventurine has been known to open the heart and release emotional stress which reduces anxiety and tension. Our kegel eggs are smoothly polished and are all of the highest quality gemstone. Each gemstone has it’s own unique quality. Please research for yourself each gemstone and choose the one that suits your own needs. We supply a complimentary free download to our audio programme Jade Eggs For Beginners which also has a PDF with further information in the download zip folder, so that you can listen to it discreetly on your I-tunes. Each of our eggs is manufactured to a very high standard (no chips, no rough edges). Also please look very closely at our photographs. Our eggs have the drill hole in the correct place and are easy to thread (unlike cheaper versions on the market). They come wrapped up in our unique silk cloth in a beautiful soft leather pouch made by a local leather artisan whose business our business supports ‘Dakini Leathercraft’, that are hand decorated and fair trade.





green aventurine on pouch

green aventurine with drill hole