Clear quartz set of 3 with drill hole in soft white leather presentation pouch

Quartz set of three with drill hole.

Clear Quartz set of three with drill hole in white leather pouch decorated with feather and gemstones.

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Product Description

known as the “Universal Crystal”, our quartz eggs enhance energy by absorbing, amplifying, and balancing. This stone literally channels universal energy and is an all rounder for protection, and healing. Quartz is a stone of clarity which dispels negativity and clears away negative energy. It can be used to purify and clarify on the spiritual, mental, and physical planes. It is powerfully protective because of these properties. Quartz enhances spiritual growth, spirituality and wisdom. Because it clarifies thought processes and emotions. Quartz is also a stone of harmony because it balances energies, and is even helpful in romantic relationships. Our stunning eggs often present rainbows when held against the light. We recommend that you charge your quartz eggs under the full moon or bury them in the garden to clear them once a month during your menses.  Each set comes with a drilled hole for safe removal and in a soft white leather presentation pouch that can be doubled up as a weightlifting pouch.