About Jade Eggs Global

Jade Eggs Global is a Limited Company by guarantee founded by a woman who works with women and supports local businesses.  We are registered with companies house in the United Kingdom for your reassurance.  We were formed in 2014 after setting up the business as a sole trader in 2012.  The aim of Jade Eggs Global is to source quality eggs and the surrounding products from reputable suppliers with authentic raw materials and certification.  We provide as much information as we believe in transparency with you our customers.  We have been established initially as a sole trader since 2011, and are one of the first sellers of jade eggs in the UK and ship globally,  and we have a direct and connected relationship with our suppliers who provide us with 100% authentic gemstone quality yoni eggs.   Our Company is based in the heart of the Chilterns in Buckinghamshire which is surrounded by natural beauty and is on the green belt in a grade 2 listed building.  All of our products are kept in a positive and clean environment.  We source our raw gemstone globally and our nephrite is genuine Hetian the highest quality nephrite jade on the market.  We supply products that are high end and also affordable.

We can provide as much information upon request if it is not already listed.

We also support a local artisan ‘Artemis Leathercraft’ who hand makes our weightlifting/presentation pouches with our business as we strongly believe in cooperate social responsibility.  We are currently working on a new style of vegan weightlifting pouch – coming soon!